Cosy Dinners Ltd

Singapore Satay House

Malaysian & Singaporean Restaurant

Mon to Sat 12-2.30, 6-11.00pm.

Closed Sunday

All major credit 

cards accepted

48 London Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey KT2 6QF

past the falling down telephone boxes towards the school

Tel: 020 8541 0301

Hit Counter

1 Chicken Satay 4.50

6 Skewers of Charcoal-Grilled, Marinated meat served with cucumber, onions, pitta bread and peanut sauce

2 Beef Satay 4.50

Served as above

3 Prawn Satay 4.50

Served as above

4 House Special Satay 6.80

Consists of 3 skewers each of prawn, chicken and Beef, served as above

*5 Ajar 1.80

Pickled Vegetables

6 Gado-Gado 2.50

Malaysian spicy salad consisting of fried bean curd, bean sprouts and vegetables topped with peanut sauce

7 Sesame Prawn Fingers 4.00
8 Deep fried Crispy Wan Tun 2.50

Deep fried envelopes served with sweet and sour sauce

*9 Crispy Poh Piah 2.50

2 Crispy Spring Rolls, served with sweet and Sour Sauce

10 Kerupok Udang 1.50

Prawn crackers



*11 Asam Laksa 2.40
  Hot and sour soup with shrimps and meat  
12 Chicken and glass Noodles 2.40


*13 Chicken and Sweet Corn 2.40


14 Sayur Soto Lemak 2.40
  Mixed shredded vegetables in coconut soup
15 Minced Beef 2.40
  Minced Lamb marinated in freshly ground aromatic herbs and cooked over charcoal fire  
16 Chicken curry 4.10
17 Beef Curry 4.40
18 Prawn curry 4.50
*19 Mixed Vegetable Curry 3.50
20 Chicken Rendang 5.20
20a Lamb Rendang 5.80
20b Dry Beef Rendang 5.80
21  Beef Samak 5.80
  Hot Spicy Beef  

The above curry dishes do not include Rice or Noodles

Sea Food
22 Crispy Fish 6.80
  Silver Pomfret served with Fish sauce  
23 Deep fried Oyster in Batter 6.10
24 Singapore Prawn 6.10
  Prawns cooked in Tomato and Chilli Hot Sauce  
25 Sambal Udang 6.10
  Prawns fried with fresh Chillies(Hot)  
26 Ginger Prawn 6.10
  Prawns fried with spring onions in ginger sauce  
27 Ganshow Udang 6.10
  Prawns fried with tomato sauce (unshelled)  
28 Chilli Prawn  6.10
  Prawns fried with fresh chillies  
29 Udang Goreng 6.10
  Deep fried Prawns in Batter, served with Sweet and sour sauce  
30 Tomato and Beef 4.90
  Beef with tomatoes in chilli hot sauce  
31 Barbecue Pork 4.80
  Marinated Pork grilled on charcoal  
32 Twice cooked Pork 4.80
  Sliced Pork grilled on Charcoal  
33 Sweet and Sour Pork 4.80
65 Crispy Sweet and Sour Pork 4.50
  Shredded Pork with sesame seeds  
*34 Hot-pot Ta-Hu 5.00
  Fried bean curd cooked with mixed vegetables, shrimps, Meat and chilli hot sauce, served in the pot  
35 Hot-Pot Steak 5.50
  Steak fried with onions and tomato sauce served in the pot  
36 Fried Beef with Pickles 4.90
  Sliced beef fried with pickled vegetables, ginger etc.  
37 Fried Beef  with Ginger and spring onions 4.90
38 Lemon Chicken 4.80
  Chicken Breast in batter, deep fried served with lemon sauce  
39 Chicken Mushrooms 4.80
  Chinese mushrooms fried with baby Corn cobs, chicken slices etc.  
40 Mixed Vegetables with Chicken Slices 3.90
41 Pineapple Chicken 4.50
  Chicken slices cooked with pineapple pieces, cucumber and hot chilli sauce  
*42 Cashew Nut Chicken 5.80
  Chicken Slices cooked with water chestnuts, cucumber and cashew nuts 5.20
43 Pineapple Duck 5.50
  Roast Duck fried with pineapple in sweet and sour sauce  
44 Ginger Duck 5.50
  Roast Duck fried with Ginger and spring Onions 4.80
Yeung (Stuffed) Dishes
45 Yeung Bean curd 4.80
  Wok fried stuffed Bean curd (6)  
46 Yeung Tomato 4.80
  Wok fried Stuffed tomato (6)  
47 Yeung Chilli 4.80
  Wok fried stuffed whole Chilli (6)  
48 House Yeung 4.80
  Stuffed bean Curd, Tomato and Chilli selection (2 of each)  
*49 Seasonal Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables 3.90
50 Fried Spare Ribs 4.90
  With tomato sauce  
*51 Broccoli in Oyster Sauce 3.90
*52 Mixed Vegetables with Bean Curd 4.20

* Can be prepared as Vegetarian dishes on request

Rice and Noodles
53 Nasi Goreng 3.50
  House special fried rice  
*54 Savoury Rice 3.50
  Rice fried with Raisins and Crushed Almonds  
*55 Egg Fried Rice 2.50
*56 Steamed Rice 1.60
*57 Char Kwel teow 4.80
  Broad Rice Noodles fried with Shrimps, beansprouts and fish cake  
58 Chap Wel Mee 4.80
  Assorted Meat and Vegetable in gravy Noodles  
*59 Mee Goreng 4.50
  fried noodles with Shrimps, fish cake and egg  
60 Singapore Laksa 5.70
  Rice Vermicelli in spicy coconut soup with shrimps, fish cake, Chicken and Bean Sprouts  
*61 Singapore Fried Noodles 4.50
  Rice Noodles fried with Shrimps, fish cake, bean sprouts and chilli  
Chef's Specials
63 Half Crispy Duck 13.20
  Crispy Duck served with pancakes, spring onions and plum sauce  
64 Quarter Crispy Duck 7.00
  Served as above  
66 Peppery Prawns 6.10
  Marinated Prawns deep fried in thin Batter, then stir fried with onions, ginger and chilli  
67 Peppery Spare Ribs 5.10
68 Paper wrapped Prawns 6.00
  Marinated chopped Prawns with water chestnuts and spring onions, deep fried in rice paper and served with sweet and spicy sauce  
70 Tamarind Chicken 4.80
71 Lime Leaf Chicken 4.80
72 Chicken Nibbles 4.00
74 Meat Dumplings 3.50
75 Mussels (New Zealand) 6.10
76 Fisherman's Rice (Hot) 3.50
77 Peppery Squid 6.10
78 Bean Sprout Salad 3.20
79 Red Sorghum Chicken 4.80
80 Red Sorghum Pork 4.80
Set Meals

If you find it difficult to choose from our menu, why not try one of our recommended set meals



Meal A



Barbecued pork

Beef Curry

Singapore Prawn

Mixed Vegetables with Chicken Slices

Nasi Goreng

Coconut Pancake with Ice Cream



Meal B



Chicken Curry

Twice Cooked pork

Chicken Mushrooms

Egg Fried rice

Lychee or Ice Cream



14.50 per person

12.50 per person


Vegetarian option


Crispy Poh Piah


Bean Curd, deep fried in Sweet and Sour Sauce

Vegetable Curry

Stir Fried Lettuce and Straw Mushrooms

Savoury Rice

Coconut Pancake with Ice Cream



11.00 per person