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Shanwaz Tandoori

for a dining out experience in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere this family also owns the famous Twickenham Tandoori at 33 Church Street, Twickenham, tel. 020 8892 6973. which has achieved  Master Chef.

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14 Staines Road, Twickenham Green, Twickenham, Middlesex

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Tel:020 8893 4881/4882

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Served with salad

101. Chicken Pakora 2.10
102. Chicken Tikka 2.40
103. Lamb Tikka 2.40
104. Chicken or Lamb Tikka Roll 2.95
105. Tandoori Chicken 1.95
106. Mixed kebab lamb, chicken Tikka, Sheek kebab 3.25
107. Lamb Samosa 1.80
108. Vegetable Samosa 1.70
109. Shamee Kebab 2.10
110. Sheek Kebab (barbequed minced lamb) 2.40
111. King Prawn Butterfly 2.65
112. King Prawn Puree 3.65
113. Prawn Puree 2.75
114. Prawn Cocktail 2.35
115. Reshmi Kebab (minced meat and egg) 2.20
116. Garlic Mushrooms 1.95
117. Onion Bhaji 1.60
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Tandoori Dishes

All Served with Salad


Tandoori Chicken (Whole)

                                  (Half) 4.40
Spring Chicken marinated in yoghurt and herbs, then roasted in a clay oven
2. Chicken Tikka 4.50
Pieces of spring chicken off the bone, lightly spiced and grilled in a clay oven
3. Lamb Tikka 4.50
Tender lamb marinated in yoghurt, lightly spiced and grilled in a clay oven
4. Hasina Lamb 5.60
Tender piece of lamb marinated in yoghurt, spices and grilled tomatoes, peppers and onions in the tandoor
5 Chicken Shashlik 5.60
Diced pieces of Chicken marinated in a blend of exotic spices and herbs
6. King Prawn Tikka Jalfrezi 7.95
Fresh water King prawns cooked in a blend of exotic spices and herbs
7. Sheekh Kebab 4.50
Minced spicy lamb barbequed in the clay oven
8. Tandoori Mixed Grill 6.95
Pieces of tandoori chicken, lamb, chicken tikka, sheekh kebab grilled in the clay oven
9. Tandoori King Prawn Shashlik 8.50
King Prawn lightly spiced, grilled with tomatoes, peppers and onions in the tandoor
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House Specialities

10. Butter Chicken 5.80
Barbequed tandoori chicken cooked in a rich mild sauce with ghee
11. Lamb / Chicken Passanda (mild) 5.80
Pasanda dishes are cooked with fresh cream and mild spices
12. Peshwari Chicken / Lamb (fairly mild) 5.60
Chicken/Lamb marinated with tandoori spices. Cooked with copiscum, tomatoes and onions in a rich mild sauce
13. Murgh Piaza Rampur (medium spiced) 5.60
Barbequed chicken with capsicum, tomatoes and spring onions in a rich sauce.
14. Chicken / Lamb Jalfrezi (fairly hot) 5.50
Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a blend of exotic spices and fresh herbs
15. Chicken / Lamb Shath khania (chilly hot) 5.80
Lamb tikka cooked with fresh green chillies in a spicy sauce, a real treat for spice lovers
16. Murgh Massala 5.60
Breast chicken cooked with medium spices in chefs own sauce
17. Tandoori Chicken Massala 5.65
Tandoori baked chicken on the bone cooked in a mild massala sauce
18. Tandoori King Prawn Massala (mild) 8.95
Preparation as above but cooked with fish sauce
19. Chicken / Lamb Tikka Massala 5.65
Off the bone chicken / lamb cooked in the chef's special creamy massala sauce
20. Shanwaz Tandoori Massala 7.95
Pieces of tandoori chicken. lamb tikka, chicken tikka, sheekh kebab cooked as above
21. Chicken / Lamb Navratan 5.80
Chicken or Lamb cooked with mixed vegetables and lentils spicy or mild
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Curry Dishes (medium)

These dishes are cooked to taste and blend with medium spiced sauce.

22. Chicken or lamb 3.50
23. Prawn 4.10
24. King Prawn 5.80
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Madras or Coylon Dishes

Madras is blended with fairly hot spicy sauce and coylon is blended with with hot spicy sauce and coconut

25. Chicken or lamb 3.75
26. Prawn 4.30
27. King Prawn 6.20
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Vindaloo Dishes (very hot)

A very spicy dish cooked with potatoes

28. Chicken or lamb 3.85
29. Prawn 4.40
30. King Prawn 6.30
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Bhuna or Dupiaza Dishes

Bhuna cooked with special herbs, tomatoes and capsicum in a medium thick sauce, dupiaza cooked with lots of diced onions in rich sauce

31. Chicken or lamb 4.40
32. Chicken or lamb Tikka 5.40
33. Prawn 4.85
34. King Prawn 6.65
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Rogan or Sag (spinach) Dishes

35. Chicken or lamb 4.95
36. Prawn 5.40
37. King Prawn 6.95
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Dansak or Pathia Dishes

Dansak dishes are cooked with lentils, has hot and sweet sauce. Pathia cooked with sweet hot and sour spicy sauce

38. Chicken or lamb 5.80
39. Chicken or lamb Tikka 6.80
40. Prawn 6.30
41. King Prawn 7.80
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Biryani Dishes

Complete medium dishes cooked with basmati rice, served with vegetable curry

42. Chicken or lamb 5.80
43. Chicken or lamb Tikka 6.80
44. Prawn 6.30
45. King Prawn 7.80
46. Vegetable 4.95
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Korma Dishes (very mild)

Korma blended with very mild sauce cooked with fresh cream and coconut flakes

47. Chicken or lamb 4.40
48. Prawn 4.85
49. King Prawn 6.40
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Chef's Specialities


50. Garlic Murgh Chilli Massala 5.70
Chunks of spring chicken marinated in garlic and green chilli sauce, subtly flavoured with ginger and fresh herbs
51. Garlic Chicken / Lamb 5.40
Prepared as above, without green chillies
52. Murgh Makhani 5.60
Barbequed chunks of chicken cooked in a rich mild chefs sauce with ghee
53. Chicken / Lamb Resella 5.70
Resella dishes are cooked with yoghurt and is finely balanced with a spicy hot sauce
54. Karahi Chicken / Lamb 5.50
Specially cooked in a wok with Pakistani spices
55. King Prawn Karahi 7.80
Cooked as above with fresh water king prawn
56. King Prawn Delight (mild) 7.95
Rich and creamy dish cooked with Bangladeshi King Prawns
57. Lamb Kufta 5.25
Minced lamb balls cooked in a thick medium spicy sauce
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The Ultimate Balti Experience

All Balti dishes are medium to hot spiced, with light sour taste, their exiting taste and aromatic flavours have become a phenomenon in the Midlands. Balti dishes are cooked in fascinating utensils which locks in the flavours and taste

118. Balti Shanwaz Navratan 5.95
This unique dish has all that you can ask for in a balti dish, chicken, prawns and lamb mixed with vegetables
119. Balti Navratan Multiveg (V) 4.25
Cooked as above with over 8 types of different vegetables and lentils
120. Balti Shanwaz tropical 5.25
Chicken, Lamb prawns prepared as above, without vegetables
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Shanwaz Balti Curry Special

Chicken/Lamb/Prawn or King Prawn *prawn 45p extra * King Prawn 2.00 extra

121. Chicken or Lamb Balti 4.50
122. Balti Madras 4.65
This popular dish is transformed into a contemporary balti style
123. Balti Bhuna 4.95
Finished to a medium spicy rich sauce
124. Balti Chilli Massala 5.60
Flavoured with hot green chillies to a hot taste
125. Balti Dansak 4.95
Cooked with lentils to a sweet and sour taste
126. Balti Korma 4.95
Finished in a mild and creamy sauce
127. Balti Tikka Massala 5.60
A creamy and medium hot taste
128. Balti Ultra Hot 4.95
A fairly hot and sour taste with fresh chillies
129. Balti Roshoon 5.45
A medium spiced dish flavoured with garlic and fenugreek
130. Balti Jalfrezy 5.60
A Bangladeshi dish cooked in a balti style
131. Sag Balti 4.95
Medium spiced chicken/Lamb cooked in butter with green pepper and cucumber in thick sauce
132. Vegetable Balti 3.95
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Vegetable Main Dishes

Suitable for vegetarians

58. Subjee Jalfrezy 3.25
Mixed vegetables in a blended exotic sauce
59. Vegetable Malai Kufta 3.95
Vegetables balls in mild sauce
60. Vegetable Massala 3.25
Mixed Vegetables in a creamy sauce
61. Vegetable Sambhar 3.25
Mixed Vegetables in lentils (medium hot)
62. Chana Massala 3.25
Spicy chick peas in curry sauce
63. Mushroom and Potato Bhaji 3.25
64. Vegetable Korma 3.25
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Vegetable Side Dishes


65. Mixed Vegetables 2.20
66. Bombay Potato 2.20
67. Cauliflower Bhaji 2.20
68. Dry Bindi - okra 2.20
69. Dry Brinjal aubergine 2.20
70. Sag Kamal Kakari - fresh cream and spinach 2.35
71. Mushroom Bhaji 2.20
72. Sag Bhaji 2.20
73. Tarka Dall - lentils 2.20
74. Mattar Paneer - chick peas and cheese 2.35
75. Aloo Gobi - potato and cauliflower 2.25
76. Sag Aloo - spinach and potato 2.25
77. Niramish - a hot, mixed vegetable - dry dish 2.35
78. Onion Bhaji 1.60
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Sundries and Rice dishes


79. Plain Rice 1.40
80. Pilau Rice 1.65
81. Special Fried Rice (egg and peas) 2.25
82. Keema Rice (minced meat) 2.65
83. Subjee Rice (with mixed vegetables) 2.25
84. Mushroom Rice 2.25
85. Kashmiri pilau (with apple) 2.25
83. Onion Raitha 0.90
84. Massala papadum 0.45
85. Plain Papadum 0.45
mango Chutney/Mint Sauce/Onion Salad complementary with Papadums on request
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90. Chapatti 0.95
91. Chicken or Garlic Nan 1.95
92. Nan 1.40
93. Peshwari Nan 1.75
94. Kulcha Nan 1.60
95. Keema Nan 1.75
96. Garlic Nan 1.60
97. Vegetable Nan 1.75
98. Tandoori Roti 1.20
99. Paratha 1.45
100. Stuffed Paratha 1.65
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Set Meals

Meal A for one

  Chicken Tikka (st), Chicken Pasanda mixed vegetables, pilau Rice, papadum, mango chutney and mint sauce 9.95
Meal B vegetable set meal for two
  Vegetable Samosa (st), onion bhajee (st) balti multi veg, vegetable dansak, 1 veg nan, 1 pilau rice and papadums, mango chutney, mint sauce and onion salad  12.95
Meal C Tandoori set meal for two
  Lamb Tikka (st), Shamee Kebab (st), 1/2 Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Bombay Potato, 1 nan, 1 pilau rice, 2 papadums, mango chutney, mint sauce and onion salad 15.95
Meal D set meal for two
  Onion Bhaji (st), Meat Samosa (st), prawn bhuna, chicken tikka massala, mushroom bhaji, 1 nan, 1 pilau rice and 2 papadums, mango chutney, mint sauce and onion salad. 17.50
Meal E Balti set meal for two
  Chicken tikka (st), ,meat samosa (st), chicken balti dansak, meat balti jalfrezi, sag aloo, 1 nan, 1 pilau rice and 2 papadums, mango chutney, mint sauce and onion salad 17.95

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