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691 London Road, North Cheam, SM3 9DL

tel: 020 8337 1763

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Open 7 days a week

Monday to Sunday 12.00 - 2.30pm and 6.00 - 12 midnight

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Choose from 1 starter, 1 traditional Indian Cuisine Main Dish, I Vegetable Side Dish, 1 Pulao Rice and Nan Bread. All for only £7.95 per head.


Tandoori Chicken
Marinated in herbs and spices, cooked in
clay oven. £2.25

Chicken Tikka
Pieces of Spring Chicken marinated in spices,
cooked in clay oven. £2.50

Lamb Tikka
Pieces of tender lamb marinated in spices,
cooked in clay oven. £2.50

Chicken Pakura
Chicken deeply fried with gram flour coating. £2.50

Onion Bhaji
Lightly spiced deep fried onion balls, fried
in clarified butter. £1.80

Prawn Puri
Prawn with special spices served with Fluffy bread. £2.60

Prawn Cocktail
Succulent Prawns in our own mayonnaise. £2.10

Sheek Kebab
Minced lamb with onions, special herbs,
cooked in clay oven. £2.25

Garlic Mushroom
Garlic with mushroom £2.50

Chicken Chat
Small juicy pieces of Chicken, spiced in hot and
sour sauce. £2.50

Meat or Vegetable Samosa
Triangular shaped or savoury filled with spicy lamb
minced or vegetable £2.20

Dal Soup £1.60

Bengal Soup £1.60

Traditional Indian Cuisine

Chicken or Meat Curry
Lightly spiced medium hot curries. £3.95

Chicken or Meat Madras
Richly spiced fairly hot curry. £4.10

Chicken or Lamb Vindaloo
Richly spiced, hot curry with potato £4.20

Chicken or Meat Bhuna
Well spiced medium hot curry with thick sauce. £4.50

Chicken or Meat Dupiaza
Spicy medium hot curry garnished with fried onions. £4.50

Chicken or Meat Rogon
Cooked in butter with tomatoes and green pepper
garnished with a touch of ginger and garlic. £4.50

Chicken or Meat Sag
Medium hot dish with spinach and herbs. £4.50

Chicken or Meat Dhansak
Hot sweet and sour, cooked with lentils. £4.50

Chicken or Meat Patia
Medium hot sweet and sour, cooked with coconut. £4.50

Chicken or Meat Malaya
Mild to medium curry cooked with pineapple. £4.50

Chicken or Meat Korma
Cooked very mildly in a creamy sauce with almond
and coconut. £4.50

Vegetable Side Dishes

Vegetable Curry £2.25
Mixed Dry Vegetable £2.25
Bombay Aloo £2.25
Aloo Gobi £2.25
Cauliflower Bhaji £2.25
Bhindi Bhaji (Fresh Okra) £2.25
Bringai Bhaji (Fresh Aubergine) £2.25
Mushroom Bhaji £2.25
Chana Bhaji £2.25
Onion Bhaji £2.25
Aloo Peas £2.25
Tarka Dall £2.25
Sag Bhaji £2.25
Sag Aloo £2.25
Sag Panir £2.25
Motor Panir £2.25
Green Salad £1.50


Pulao Rice £1.60
Nan Bread £1.40

Please mention Cosy Dinners when ordering