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FBI Pizza

194 Kingston Road, Teddington, TW11 9JD


Tel: 020 8977 4776

Opening Hours


Open 7 days a week

Monday to Saturday 12 to late

Closed Sunday


Main Menu

The Cuisine

Pizza's have become the greatest export of Italy, the variety of toppings is only left up to your imagination as almost anything will go. The ideal meal for people on the go, more tasty than most other fast foods and almost as quickly prepared. The advantage with FBI Pizza is they also deliver, saving you the effort of walking to get your lunch or dinner. Our special offers are always available and our selection of meals caters for all, if its a salad you want or a Deep Pan Pizza with all the toppings available we are here to serve. See our menu you will be surprised as to what we can deliver Pizza's, Burgers, and soft Drinks.

The Location The Restaurant
Located on Kingston Road, FBi Pizza are able to deliver throughout the area covering a 4 mile radius. The thermos bags and panniers keep the food hot to you without compromising the taste. You can get any of FBI Pizza's meals promptly and caringly within 30 minutes of ordering. On occasions when we are extremely busy you will be advised of the delivery times.

This is a unique Pizza Parlours, although relatively new are making a big impression on the local market. There adaptability to serve the customer what they want and not have a standard selection makes eating out a very enjoyable experience.