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Happiness Chinese Takeaway

278 Haydons Road, Wimbledon, SW19 8TT


Tel: 020 8288 8029

Tel: 020 8540 5924


Opening Times

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 12 - 2pm - 6pm - 11.30pm

Friday and Saturday 12 - 2pm - 6pm - 12 Mid

Sundays 6 - 11 pm




This amazing restaurant in Wimbledon, tucked away on Haydons Road, offers a fantastic meal, cooked to authentic methods with many modern adaptations. The quality is of the highest standards and the value for money complements the meal. Deliveries are catered for with thermos bags keeping the food fresh and hot all the way to your door. The £1 voucher scheme to keep you going back is a nice idea although I am confident you would go back anyway as the service and meal is well worth the cost, (every ten pounds spent gives you a £1 voucher).


The Chef The Restaurant
The chefs, are all from China and have cooked within large international hotels in China and Hong Kong and in some of the more prestigious Chinese Restaurants found in London. Their experiences range from the modern western styles to the very traditional home styles that have been passed down the families generations.

This family run business, has been serving a wide selection of authentic dishes and combining it with modern dishes to make the food exceptional. The family have come from China and after working very hard within Hotels and restaurants have enabled themselves to establish a truly amazing takeaway. Using all their knowledge from international hotels and generations of traditional cooking, the food is of the highest quality and the service is second to none. If you live in the delivery area and are looking for a Chinese meal, look no further.