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344 Battersea Park Road, London, SW11 3BY

tel: 020 7223 2169 or 020 7924 4390

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15% Discount on collections, free popadam and chutney on delivery.

Open 7 days a week

Monday to Sunday 5.30 - 12 midnight

Sunday Lunch 12 - 3.30 and 11.30

Fresh Buffet every Sunday £6.95, under 12 £3.95 eat as much as you like

Main Menu

Fully Licensed and Air Conditioned

Wine List

House Wines
ABV Price per Glass Price per Bottle

Chantelle Dry White (France)

This fruity dry white wine is ideal drunk as an aperitif or with a wide variety of food

11.5% £2.30 £8.95
Chantelle Red (France) 11% £2.30 £8.95
White Wines

Niersteiner Gutes Domtal (Germany)

Subtly racy, fruiuty and flavourful, with a distinct roundness and mellowness. Selected from the best villages around the town

8.5% £9.95

Piesporter - Michelsberg (Germany)

this medium dry wine is the Mosel's most famous and has the crispness which is typical of the area

8.5% £10.95

Graves (France)

Produced to the left of Saint Emilion, alongside an area noted for its pebbly/gravelly sub soil, (hence the name). Sturdy and dry

12% £11.95

Muscadet (France)

From the Loire Valley, Muscadet grape, crisp, clean bouquet of redcurrants and gooseberries, very dry.

11.5% £11.95

Los Torunos Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)

Pale lemon-coloured wine with an imense floral fragrance and a taste which is soft, dry and fresh

13.5% £12.95

Macon Villages

A classic Chardonay type, pale yellow with flowery/appley aromas, a strikingly fruity taste with refreshing acidity

12.5% £13.95

Merchants Landing Chennin Blanc (South Africa)

South Africa's most popular grape variety. Youthful, fruity character and a fresh, zesty acidity. Very well balanced

12% £13.95

Dalwood Semillion Chardonay (Australia)

A blend of two popular varietals sourced in the sunny vineyards of South Eastern Australia. The ripe citrus flavours of the Semillion are complemented by the butter flavours of the Chardonay

12.5% £14.95

Chablis - Louis Page (France)

Probably the most well known white wine in the world. Flowery, lively, frsh and mouth watering, crisp fruity taste, with that solid backbone only found in true Chablis

12.5% £15.95

Sancerre, Les Liserons (France)

Vert up front fruit style, with strong aromas. Very Dry.

12.5% £15.95
Red Wines
ABV Price per Glass Price per Bottle

Corcho D'Oro Malbec (Argentina)

A grape variety particularly successful in Argentina, making full flavoured wines with complex fruit flavours that are rich and elegant in style.

12.5% £10.95

Cotes Du Rhone

An easy drinking medium bodied red from the sunny Rhone Valley. The wine has a ripe fruit taste with a hint of pepper reflecting the warm climate and the traditional Rhone Grape varieties.

12.5% £11.95

Chianti (Italy)

Lovely ruby-garnet colour, medium weight, with that typical slightly earthy salty finish

12% £12.95

Dalwood Shiraz-Cabernet (Australia)

From the premium growing regions of sunny South Eastern Australia. Medium bodied with ripe blackcurrant flavours and a hint of spice

12% £13.95

Merchants Landing Pinotage (South Africa)

South Africa's own grape. A crossing of Pinot Noir and Cinsaut. Lovely fruit, smoky character and soft tanins

12% £13.95

Medoc (France)

A classic for the connoisseur, serveat room temperature. Well balanced, showing nice width and slight mint to the finish.

12% £13.95

Fleurie (France)

Producing the best balanced and most sophisticated wines of all Beaujolais Cru. Deep colour, bouquet of Irises

13% £14.95

Saint Emillion (France)

High percentage of Merlot, makes for a very blackcurranty wine, with a rather softer style than normal, finishing dry

12% £15.95

Rioja Reserva - Marques de Zarabel (Spain)

A blend using Tempranillo, Mauelo znd Graciano grapes from the Rioja Alta area which have been aged in small oak barrels for two years before a further year in bottle, mature, graceful wine with a long lingering velvety style.

12.5% £17.95

Mateus Rose (Portugal)

Soft strawberry fruit on the nose and a gentle taste, enlivened with a slight sparkle. It is easy to understand why this famous Portugese rose is so popular

11% £12.95

Omar Khayyam (India)

From the upper slopes of the Sahyadri Mountains in the Western Maharashtra. A sparkling wine containing a high percentage of Chardonay grape

12.5% £17.95

Moet et Chandon, Brut Imperial (France)

The classic non-vintage champagne from one of the biggest producers, this has a fresh fruit aroma and long, yeasty flavour balanced by a good level of acidity.

12.5% £32.95

Bollinger, Special Cuvee (France)

A bone dry, full bodied Grande Marque which has a mature, toasty flavour and aroma and is rich and complex in character. It contains a high proportion of aged reserve wines.

12% £48.95

All prices are inclusive of VAT

Other Drinks


Budweiser (330ml) £2.30

Cobra (330ml) £2.30

Cobra (660ml) £3.90

Becks (275ml) £2.20

Holstien Pils (330ml) £2.30

Carlsberg Export 1/2 pint £1.40 Pint £2.60


Whiskey £2.20

Gin £2.20

Bacardi £2.20

Cognac £3.10

Vodka £2.20

Malt Whiskey £3.10

Brandy 32.50


Benedictine £2.50

Tia Maria £2.20

Cointreau £2.20

Baileys £2.20

Malibu £2.20

Sambuca £2.20

Drambuie £2.20

Vermouth & Aperitifs

Martini (dry/rosso) £2.20

Campari £2.20

Sherry £1.90

Dubonnet £2.20

Port £1.90

Spirits are offered in measures of 25ml (or multiples thereof)
Please mention Cosy Dinners when ordering